The 7th International Conference on CSR Sustainable Development Society For Education and Research Development


Amid global concerns regarding climate change, environmental protection, pollution levels, and waste management, the role of companies in supporting social causes and ethical business practices has become increasingly important. The challenge for the business world is to shift from a focus on profits alone to an emphasis on responsible products and efficient services. Several countries have implemented comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, while many other countries have experienced difficulties in developing similar policies. Although there is still criticism from various parties, many companies around the world have integrated corporate social responsibility into business strategies.

The conference aims to address the unprecedented impact of CSR on employees, industry, society, and the environment by developing an effective framework for the evolution of CSR. The seventh edition of the conference provides new directions for global discussions. Increasingly stringent regulations and rising expectations in non-financial reporting mean that the inability to adapt carries serious business risks. Many calls have been made regarding the importance of aspects of sustainability and financial sustainability for the business world. The CSR 2024 international conference is a unique forum attended by CEOs, senior sustainability experts, NGOs, researchers, and academics.


1. Knowledge Sharing: participants gain a deeper understanding of responsible business practices in companies today

2. Policy Recommendations: contribute to the development of policy recommendations aimed at promoting responsible business practices and encouraging the development of the sustainable business sector.

3. Networking: participants have the opportunity to expand their professional network, and interact with fellow professionals and other stakeholders.


CSR & Sustainable Development: brings together business leaders, governments, non-governmental organizations, consultants, researchers, academics, experts, and representatives from other elements to discuss various topics related to corporate social responsibility in various parts of the world. This conference accepts texts from the disciplines: 1. Corporate Social Responsibility, 2. CSR Human Resources, 3. CSR Marketing, 4. CSR Finance, 5. CSR Operations, 6. CSR Technology, 7. CSR Strategy, and 8. CSR Law.


Accepted papers will be published by the Taylor & Francis Group, and indexed internationally by Scopus.


The 7th International Conference on CSR & Sustainable Development will be held for 2 (two) days offline, Monday & Tuesday, 10 – 11 June 2024, Time: 08.00 WIB – finish, Venue: Executive room, Janabadra University Yogyakarta, Jalan TR Mataram 55 -57 Yogyakarta.


1. Dr. Vikas Kumar, Central University of Haryana, India

2. Dr. Saurabh Mittal, Fore School of Management, India

3. Dr. Anu Gupta, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, India

4. Dr. Surender Kumar, Jaipuria Institute of Management, India

5. Dr. Sandhya Rai, Bennett University, India

6. Dr. Pooja Nanda, Amity University, India

7. Dr. Dejene Tessema, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University Ethiopia

8. Dr. Gabriel Ayodej Ogunmola, Sharda University, Uzbekistan

9. Dr. Jakob Svensson, Malmö University, Sweden

10. Dr. Rasika Dayarathna, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

11. Dr. Lose Berikashvili, Caucasus University, Georgia

12. Ir. Cungki Kusdarjito, MP., Ph.D, Universitas Janabadra, Indonesia

Yogyakarta Indonesia